After working in industry and banking for many years, Alfred turned his innovative ideas into reality by founding an energy company that quickly became a major wholesaler and distributor of renewable energy solutions for many well-known customers.

After that, and with his next startup, he dedicated himself to the development of industrial-scale solar systems and became more and more passionate about new tech solutions like blockchain and distributed ledger, where he helped teams develop applications.

From there, it was not far to the question of why these technologies are not better used to fight climate change and what the reasons are.



Work with us

We are a team of tech, energy and climate experts, driven to make a significant contribution to achieving climate goals and improving the living conditions on our planet. This contribution is to help stakeholders set the goals of the transformation and achieve them faster and with less effort, i.e. more efficiently.

We want to help ensure that as many as possible switch to sustainability and are well equipped for the future with the help of our products and technologies. Above all, we want to help small and medium-sized companies to step forward now and not wait until the competition or their customers force them to.

As an ambitious company, we are looking for employees from a wide range of disciplines and personalities. Only by combining a variety of backgrounds and skills can we deliver the special added value our customers expect.

Open Positions

Manager Origination Central and Eastern Europe

(Frankfurt or Eastern European Capital)

You have experience in the energy or industry sector and knowledge in environmental and climate protection. Innovative technologies are not unknown to you.

Enthusiastic about dedicating yourself to improving our living environment, you are a strong communicator who loves the challenge of taking steps forward and implementing projects. Your task is to analyze and initiate projects, as well as to support the stakeholders in the process.