Outside-the-box thinking

Why a technological approach? Because there is no time left for test runs. Achieving the climate targets - and there is no plan B for this - requires their best possible use, and the immediate transfer of basic research into application practice and combination of the technologies into high-performance solutions.

The technologies are there: in information technology, for example, the IoT, blockchain, and AI, enable us to build end-to-end chains of real data on supply chains, analyze upcoming risks, and monitor climate action in real time.

We can intelligently upgrade new generation segments as we intensify transshipment in energy markets or better coordinate GHG rights exchanges across Europe. We can better protect entire regions against the impacts of climate change across borders. And last but not least, we can use it to drive economic growth.

But all of this requires thinking outside the box, the use and further development of technologies, and not least the special interdisciplinary compilation of expertise.


Drive sustainable impact

We show you how to get ever-greater control of sustainability as building block of your business practices, positioning your company on the map as a leader with stakeholders and supply chains.

Create impact through reliable sustainability management and forward-thinking.

Sustainability Accounting E-Assets and -Liabilities

Determine reliable and accurate sustainability scores in real time. Net Zero Europe establishes your baseline and builds your sustainability profile reporting across the supply chain.

We develop using the latest technology, such as the Internet of Things and Blockchain.


The taxonomy is the sustainability standard in the EU. Our experts support you to align with it.

In addition, it is a recurring challenge to implement the EU's climate targets, the Green Deal, and to align activities with other target and reporting standards, such as the UN SDGs, with the Taxonomy.